Dr. Gillian Katz is an experienced endocrinologist from New York

What is endocrinology? An endocrinologist is a specially trained physician who focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases related to the glands and the substances they produce – hormones. The diseases that doctors in endocrinology work to identify and treat often affect the body beyond the gland itself, which can mask the diagnosis – sometimes for years.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you seen your doctor for a low thyroid but aren’t getting answers? Has your doctor tested your TSH level and said your results are “normal” but you still suffer from symptoms? If so, you’ve come to the right place for help, solutions, and answers!

Dr. Gillian Katz is a recognized leader in the specialty of endocrinology. Her passion is helping women and men of all ages who suffer from complicated and unresolved thyroid conditions to reclaim their health. She helps people every single day who are fatigued, have problems losing weight (even though they exercise regularly and eat healthily), suffers from brain fog and memory issues, have depression and anxiety and are simply fed up with feeling horrible, even though their doctor says: their lab tests are “normal.” Patients come to the clinic from all around New York and area, looking for an accurate diagnosis and a true health care plan that identifies solutions for their thyroid problems.

While your primary care doctor might be very knowledgeable about general medicine, in New York, endocrinology patients go to Dr. Gillian Katz.

When you require an endocrinology specialist, it might be for diagnosis or for treatment of a diagnosed condition. Some specialty endocrinology services Dr. Katz offers include the following:

– Hormone treatment. Hormone treatment and hormone replacement can alleviate the symptoms of, and sometimes cure, a number of conditions. It is often used to treat men for prostate cancer, provide women with an estrogen or combination estrogen and progesterone treatment, or address a range of other diseases. Hormonal imbalance is important to identify timely and correctly interpret hormone testing indicators. If you do not adjust the hormonal balance, a serious psychological problem can develop, up to depressive disorders and psychoses. (How thyroid hormones affect our psyche)

– Hyperthyroid treatment. Dr. Katz works with her patients to supply anti-thyroid medicine or, when necessary, radioactive iodine therapy. Hypothyroid treatment is also available.

– Addison’s disease treatment. This type of treatment involves hormone replacement therapy, which corrects the levels of steroid hormones in the body. She offers options that include oral treatments and injections.

– Diabetes treatment. The right type of diabetes treatment for you will depend upon your age and whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Gillian Katz has over 20 years of in-depth, extensive training in helping to balance complex thyroid conditions. She has a doctorate in endocrinology, and her specialization is diabetes, metabolism disorders, general endocrinology, thyroid, and parathyroid diseases.

Gillian Katz: Diabetes treatment

Have you noticed changes in your energy level? Have you lost an excessive amount of weight, or started feeling excessively hungry or thirsty? Are you experiencing tingling sensations in your hands or feet? If so, you should visit Dr. Gillian Katz for diagnostic diabetes testing. As a premier diabetes specialist in New York, she specializes in the early detection of Type 1 and Types 2 diabetes, as well as an ongoing diabetes treatment.

The major goal in any diabetes treatment is to minimize any existing elevation of blood sugar (also known as glucose). This reduction must happen without causing the blood sugar to drop to abnormally low levels. The different types of diabetes—Type 1 and Type 2—require different treatments. If you require diabetic treatment for Type 1, you will likely be prescribed a diabetic diet, insulin, and exercise. Type 2 diabetes is generally treated with weight loss, a diabetic diet, and exercise.

The most desirable diabetes treatment is a natural treatment, which is why Dr. Gillian Katz always endeavors to improve patient health without medication. However, when methods such as diet and exercise are unable to control elevated blood sugars alone, medications are used. Initially, the doctor suggests oral treatment, though insulin treatment may be considered. Diabetes treatment, or the lack thereof, can a matter of life or death, so she takes the matter of diabetic patient care very seriously.

When combining a balanced, nutritious diet with the right treatment, the patients experience dramatically positive results.

Years of clinical practice and experience have shown that an individualized multi-pronged approach is often necessary for a patient to achieve optimal results. Numerous factors are taken into account when designing a care plan for Dr. Gillian Katz’s patients, which includes recommendations for diet, exercise, stress reduction, allergy prevention and treatment, and nutritional support products (as needed). She has found that those who are educated and empowered to follow through on recommendations for day to day living have the foundation to respond and get the most out of whatever treatment(s) they are receiving.

If you believe you are suffering from an endocrine disorder, please do not wait to receive the proper endocrinology testing. The first step toward wellness is making an appointment with Dr. Gillian Katz.




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